Few things fascinate me like a strong, independent woman who has lived 100 years.  Hence my adoration with Buttercup.

Buttercup hired us to plan her 100th birthday party for 200 of her closest friends.  This woman inspires me.  Heck, she inspires everyone who meets her.  She lives on her own in a charming town home that she purchased with her late husband in 1971.  She still drives her Cadillac, although just around Alamo Heights because “she knows her limitations” (her words.)  I freely admit that most of our conversations were driven by me probing into her life, which included sailing to America from Denmark on the SS Frederick when she was 11, and becoming one of the first Navy WAVES during World War II.  I was intrigued when she told of being a single woman purchasing her first home after the war.  My imagination went wild as I envisioned her dancing the night away to the popular big band tunes at the time.

And in between taking strolls down memory lane, we managed to plan a party.

Hundreds of roses (her favorite flower)  decorated the San Antonio Garden Center, including rose gobos on the ceiling.  True Flavors Catering did an amazing job providing upscale hors d’oeuvres while Monte Vista Strings provided fun and fitting music.  Bartenders4You served their signature margarita bar while Dan Holman did a fantastic job capturing the moment, as always.  Great Event Rentals and AVTS made it all possible with their state of the art AV and rentals.  Sue from Alamo Plants and Petals brought the entire room to life with the most luscious rose centerpieces and decor.  Enjoy the eye candy courtesy of ever great Daniel Holman Studios, and if you see Buttercup tootling around the ’09 area, please tell her I said “Hey.”

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