I’m doing a little experiment folks!  It first started with a mild curiosity with the compound Garcinia Cambogia.  I’ve been reading some encouraging things.  I got mildly excited.  I hopped on to Amazon.com to check it out, and whoops!  I accidentally hit the check out button.  So with a bottle unintentionally on its way, I thought I would turn this into my own experiment while keeping all of you updated on my progress.  What bride doesn’t want to lose a couple of pounds for her big day?  I will be your guinea pig!

The extract is from a goofy pumpkin looking plant grown in India.  It’s supposed to suppress your appetite, block fat and increase serotonin.  I’m still a little skeptical, but deep down I’m kinda excited.  I have about 12 stubborn pounds to lose before an industry conference in the Bahamas at the end of the month.  (Yeah, I have a tough job.) I would love to be “bikini ready” as they say.

So stay tuned!  I should receive it within the week, and I will keep you up to date on my journey.  Will it work?  We shall see…

Day 1

I received my bottle yesterday.  Hurrah!  The problem I think I’m going to have is remembering to take these things.  You are supposed to take one or two pills 30 minutes before each meal.  I can see forgetting to take them, but I’ll do my best.  I took one last night and two today.  Don’t feel much of a difference, except a little more gassy.  Hopefully it will pass.  At least my husband hopes so anyway…

Day 7

It’s been a full week on this stuff and I have experienced nothing.  Nada.  Zip.   No weight loss.  No increased energy.  No better sleep at night.  I thought I had lost a pound earlier in the week, but it came back.  The directions say take one to two capsules 30 minutes before each meal.  (Let me take this time to say the bottle lies.  It says it’s a 30 day supply but it’s really only 10 day on this regimen.  That makes it way more expensive than previously thought.)  I’ve been taking one capsule before every meal so this week I’m upping it to two.  We’ll see what happens…garcinia


Day 17

This stuff kinda sucks.  I’ve almost finished the bottle and I’ve actually gained an inch.  There are a couple of glaring problems with this product:

1.  It is almost impossible to take two capsules, three times a day, precisely 30 minutes before a meal.  While planning is my profession, this pill popping routine was impossible to master.

2.  Said pills are about the size of a horse antibiotic, and routinely got stuck in my throat, requiring immediate consumption of bread and warm milk to dislodge.

3.  Quick fixes still don’t work.  Bummer, I know.

So it’s back to the old standby, reconnecting with my Brooks and hitting the pavement, while “treating” my sinuses with Sudafed (the old fashioned stuff behind the counter.  Quite possibly the best appetite curbing thing on the market.)

Pre-final prognosis: Craptastic.  Save your money and buy a cute handbag instead.  I’ll probably keep taking it until they are all gone, but I’m not expecting any miracles at this point.  I’ll keep you updated.