So cold days are upon us and it is time to break out my favorite and, might I add, famous, hot drink. In fact, I have a friend who comes over everytime there is a cold front and insists that I make this drink for her. It is the perfect compliment to those blustery winter days. It’s Irish Coffee!!

You need a slightly steady hand, but anyone can create this caffinated concoction and I’m going to teach you how.

I got this recipe from a friend’s husband who used to be co-owner of the Speakeasy in Austin, Texas. So you know it’s gotta be good.

Irish Coffee
One cup of coffee
One shot of Irish whiskey
Brown Sugar
Heavy whipping cream

First, brew a pot of coffee. Any flavor will do.

Then, in a heavy wine or irish coffee mug, put a heaping teaspoon of brown sugar and just a little bit of water to melt the sugar. Microwave the mixture until the sugar is melted.

Add coffee, leaving about an inch at the top. Add one shot of Irish Whiskey and stir.

Here’s the tricky part. Take the carton of heavy whipping cream and shake it firmly just a couple of times. Any more than that and you risk turning it into whipped cream. (And once it’s whipped, it doesn’t unwhip.) Open the carton and create a sharp point with the opening. Then take a spoon and place it upside down just above the coffee, touching the side of the glass. Ever so slowly, pour the cream over the spoon so that it runs down the spoon and down the side of the glass. Slow is the key here. If you do it right, the cream will float on top of the coffee and will create a picture perfect drink. Continue pouring until you have about a half an inch of cream on top. Top with a dash of cinnamon.

Drink up. Repeat. Delicious.